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I’m going to start this Ellie Activewear subscription box review with giving you a glimpse into the current state of my aging psyche.

In my head, I see myself as that 20 something girl, but I’m not. I’m trying to gracefully maneuver this choreographed dance called aging with as much dignity and granduer as possible. I’m dubbing it grandigniduer!

I still have the same style likes, but the evolving shape of my frame requires me to bend and accept what no longer is. Sometimes it’s gloomy and it’s often defeating.

In my head, I see myself as that 20 something girl, but I’m not. @meetellie Click To Tweet

Enter Ellie! I see the photos of the younger crowd sporting their new Ellie activewear outfits and a little bit of trepidation sneaks in as I wonder “how can I possibly try and pull it off too?”

Marika Fitness Outfit / Ellie June 2017

Me with my “wonder expression” Ellie – June 2017

At first glance of the June Ellie box, I worried and had a sinking feeling in my stomach that I wasn’t going to like the outfit. Or should I say the outfit wasn’t going to like me?

I think my hesitation was because last month’s outfit looked so horrid on me; like scare small children horrid.

Important personal self-talk detail about me – if something doesn’t look good on and causes all my bad parts to stand out, the logic is irrelevant – I conclude it’s a result of my misshapen neglected flabby bits.

So, with a full expectation of looking like the archetypal bumpy disproportionate mid 40’s body type, I began to wiggle into the outfit.

Eureka!!! It was cute AND comfy.

The leggings by Marika are a kaleidoscope of blues with a touch of white and scrubs green thrown into the mix.

Marika Fitness Leggings

Marika Leggings

Mid-thigh down past the knee is a navy mesh and then an adorable eyelet fabric around the upper calf.

Marika Legging Detail

They really are more flattering that I expected they’d be.

As much as I was pleasantly surprised by how it all came together and looked on, I did make one adjustment though.

The Sports Bra by Marika, which although is absolutely adorbs didn’t fit me well. Because of its really cute strappy back, it just didn’t fit comfortably over my seemingly large “man” back.

Marika Sports Bra

Marika Sports Bra

But that’s ok, it’s easily remedied since I’ve received two other sports bras from previous Ellie activewear boxes that fit my ginormous deltoids quite well.

Anyway, I wanted to put the outfit on to wear at that moment so I grabbed a white tank that was next to me (meaning I never put it away).

I threw it on instead of the bondage bra under my 2nd item, the Halter Top by Marika.

Marika Fitness Halter

Marika Halter Tank

The halter tank has some edgy cutout detail and a mesh panel in the back, so the white perfectly pops as a background contrast against the dark color of the halter tank.

The official color is called “Black Iris” but my old school mind still calls it navy. To boot, the leggings have a wee bit of white detail in them so it pulls it all together famously.

So now that my mid-40’er yes I did eat those Swedish fish after fondue last night gal, body covered up and packaged into acceptable conditions, let’s throw on the Bally Total Fitness running cap in the June box.

Bally Total Fitness Running Cap

Hot damn – if I don’t look as cute as that girl who fights walkers in the Walking Dead. I’ve always envied how cute she looks in her zombie-fightin cap. I’m gaining momentum with my Bally Total Fitness Mesh Running Cap. I love how light weight but “holds its form” it is.

Bally Total Fitness Running Cap

And the final item in the June box is the Bally Total Fitness Dual expandable waist pack.

Bally Total Fitness Waist Pack

Ok, so I guess this is the sleek and sophisticated cousin of the fanny pack.  This is exactly what a runner or biker rider needs on their journeys.

It’s a durable stretch fabric that would easily hold a few essentials without me looking like I’m headed to the early bird buffet specials at the Golden Corral. Although I haven’t really found a need for a waist pack yet in my lifetime, if I did this would be an acceptable companion.

Ellie June 2017 Review

Ellie – Thanks for nurturing a mid-lifer who struggles to recognize she isn’t as young, fit, or bad ass as she once was; but isn’t quite ready to pack it up and settle into a rocking chair in a warm climate state.

Ellie Subscription Box Outfit – June 2017

I just want to enjoy my fondue and still rock the active wear attire without any empathetic stares, for a couple more years.

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What do you think of the latest Ellie?

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