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This review is for The Honest Co. Essentials Bundle, and hopefully not too premature being my trial review was not too long ago. But I’m tellin ya this I couldn’t wait to share with you…BIGGER is Better!

The Honest Company Review March 2017

The Honest Company Review March 2017

For those who remember, or those don’t, in which case you can read the written review here, or watch the video review here.

I signed up for The Honest Company Essential free trial bundle recently. I was a total newbie to their products. I was immediately ready to get my full size product bundle. I knew it would require a little alteration here and a little tweak there. The hardest part of all of this was choosing from the endless options of products.

I parked my environment friendly bad self at my desk, logged into my profile and just like that I heard the famous voice inside my head “Let’s get ready to Buuunnnddlleeeee!”

Organic Healing Balm, want it…full size item, check.

Multi-surface cleaner, want it…full size item, check. B T W, the trial bottle I received was gone in 5 minutes because that’s how I roll.

The Honest Company Multi Surface Cleaner

The Honest Company Multi Surface Cleaner

Whoa, back it up, Window and Glass cleaner? Or a more likely scenario, the lenses on my glasses just all mucked up from not being clean? – Window and Class Cleaner, want it….Check mate!

Ok, Laundry detergent. So this one required a bit of a convincing conversation with myself. Here’s the controversial aspect to this, about a year ago I quit doing the laundry for my crew. I decided I would only do my own laundry. Reason, I was so tired of the following situations:

  1. Realizing that my boy’s clothes going into the washing machine were still folded perfectly from the last time I washed them. Yes, that’s correct Society…they never even put them away. I was being given the same effing laundry basket full of the clothes I delivered to them a week ago.
  2. Hearing the lump of something being thumped around during the agitator cycle that I was quite certain wasn’t a biological offspring. Yet, when I stopped checking it was a problem.
  3. Watching my husband grab shirts from where he left them hanging on bed posts or our bedroom & bathroom door knobs/handles then looking to me and asking…is this clean? No matter how many times it happened, I was always there staring as if I cared, and then trying to still want him as he’d smell the pit of it shirt only to toss it with the load to be washed.
The Honest Company Laundry Detergent

The Honest Company Laundry Detergent

As a part of my extraction plan I ended up switching to those scented detergents; because I figured it would fight off the reek of what would likely be clothing that went long periods of times between washes.

Problem: I suddenly couldn’t distinguish my smell from their dirty smell. I began to associate dirty with scented detergent.

Solution…get my own damn non-scented detergent. Stop judging, I’m just being honest! Body Oil – Now this little secret has the potential to become an argument in my marriage.

Ohhh stop it, get your minds out of the gutter! Laundry Detergent, need it…ok check.

I’m a body oil believer. After I shower I always use it.  My husband has recently started to use it…aging makes you do funny things. Usually about that time you see your reflection in the bathroom mirror and have to take pause while your brain catches up and takes note that ‘wait hold on, dad lives in another county’.

The Honest Company Organic Body Oil

The Honest Company Organic Body Oil

Anyway, this is my thing and hubs has just recently caught on. If he starts using all my Honest oil there could be issue. I’ll let you know how that one pans out.

In just the last few days I have used every product except for one; ding ding ding…detergent! And ob-vi I am not concerned at all that I won’t love it too. However, if for any reason I should have an issue with it, I’ll be sure to update you.

These sizes are generous! The packaging was spot on. And the timing was pure perfection. Not a beat skipped on this one. I will call out that unless your order total is over $50.00 you do pay shipping. Unfortunately, the essential bundle is $35.95 so I paid $5.95 for s/h.

Steal Alert – the baby inspired diapering and feeding bundles offered are $50.00+, so shipping would be free.

In my HONEST opinion The Honest Company is a must try brand! If you don’t like, no harm no foul…but I feel confident you will!

How to Order:

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What do you think of the latest The Honest Company?

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