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Let’s be honest, I wasn’t expecting to be let down, disappointed, or finagled by The Honest Company. (c’mon that’s kinda funny?)

I was really happy to find on The Honest Company’s site that you can try a trial bundle (version of monthly box) from 1 of their 4 monthly subscription plans for free. Well, you pay shipping, but I’m cool with that. Fair Play!

Anyway, do you watch Celebrity Apprentice?

If anyone is watching it and I’m in there, I will usually start to watch and then I’m hooked. And as some of you may have heard Mr. Trump was a little busy with other obligations this season, soooo Mr. S (phonetically – swartzunegur) took over this season.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not an invitation to discuss politics, so don’t.

Anywhoo, Jessica Alba’s company, The Honest Company was featured this season and I happened to catch this episode. If you didn’t see it and have it DVR’s somewhere…look away now…look AWAY!

Did you see Boy George and that other lady who’s married to that one guy, using The Honest Company’s multi-purpose cleaning product in their pitch? Holy Hell, the product took off some seriously crazy muck from that mirror? No joke, even Jess herself was freaking out a bit beforehand in fear it wouldn’t actually clean it.

I’m telling you…The Honest Company had me at that moment. I have told you my 3 tween children are GROSS, right?

This review is to be considered a review to the preview on the review of the order process.

Are you still with me?

I’m not feeling that it would be totally authentic to claim I’m reviewing the actual order process of a bundle (again, fancier word for box) since this is more a free trial.

Review – No complaints here, it was super easy. I clicked my chosen bundle. I chose The Essentials bundle.

Included will be trial sizes of:

  • Shampoo & Body Wash
  • Face & Body Lotion
  • Multi-purpose Cleaner (that’s the bomb diggity one I was mentioning)
  • Healing Balm (this one was featured too and sounded AWWWWWESOME)
  • Hand Soap

HOLD UP… (this is real time blogging). I just went to the site as I was writing this review so I could provide details surrounding trial sizes.

Uhhh, where the hell is my multi-purpose cleaner?

Important note: The basic gist of how it works – you have 7 days from when you receive your trial to cancel or auto ship happens. You can review in my other post features and overview here.

Sorry, minor detour and blog break to make sure my order was copacetic.

Anyway, there was my prepped bundle (real deal charged for) and nooo multi-purpose cleaner… That was the whole reason I ended up here. Ummm, helloooo, the cleaner that Boy George used!!! Jess, a moment please?

Not to worry, no panicking at the disco required…so so so easy. All fixed and my bundle is ready and customized just how I want it.

Sorry for the diversion, back on track.

As of right now, I haven’t received my trial bundle yet but they have my REAL bundle ready because The Honest Company is just that efficient. And I was able to curate it perfectly, with ease mind you.

How I love self-explanatory efficiency. Bravo Honest Co…Bravo!

Tracking says expected delivery on 2/22. I’ll be sure to let you know if this cleaner (and the others) are really as amazing as I expect them to be.

How to Order:

Signup for The Honest Company here.

What do you think of the latest The Honest Company?

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