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You guys have all seen the commercials on TV where the adorably sneaky girl fills a crazy beautiful custom closet with a ton of super cute shoes that shes gets for an incredible deal each month from JustFab right? Aside from the fact that most of us aren’t Carrie Bradshaw and will never have a closet just for our shoes, I wanted to know how realistic this commercial really was. Was I really going to be able to get those amazingly sexy and sassy shoes and live the life of a beautiful fashionista for just $39.95 a month?

JustFab Review – My Big Haul from Last Year

Unlike many of the other subscription boxes that are curated for you, with JustFab you pay a monthly fee of $39.95 to get VIP member exclusive discounts to all of the stylish items on their site. After taking a short style quiz, they tell us that the JustFab stylists will review your profile and send you styles you’ll love.

I’ll be honest, I get A LOT of emails from JustFab – probably three to four per week. That said, I could just unsubscribe but even after being VIP member for many months, sometimes something in the emails just catches my eye and makes me go shop so it clearly works for them.

Keep an eye on the emails because they are key to super hot deals! You should be able to get your first style for $9.99-$10. At least that is the offer they were running when I signed up and I still see it on the site now.

So after you get signed up, your credit card will be charged $39.95 on the 6th of each month for one member credit until you cancel. Your credit goes into your account to save or spend on anything you want.  You can also log in to your account and “Skip the Month” by the 5th of each month and you won’t be charged.

So with no further audieu, I’ve rolled my entire haul for the year into this single post so you can get a good idea what it is like being a JustFab VIP member.


Repunzel Pump

Apparently I was reliving my teenage rocker roots when I bought these shoes first. There is literally a lock and key. They are a beautiful red color and are soft like suede but I have ZERO idea where the heck I will even wear these. Maybe I’ll break out the zebra stripe spandex and rock these with some giant 80’s hair. Otherwise, I don’t think these will actually make it to the office. Maybe I just like the fact they are in my closet. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Motley Crue gets back together at some point and I can rock these babies at their reunion tour.

JustFab Repunzel Pump Review

JustFab Repunzel Pump

Subtotal: $39.95
Discounts Applied: -$29.96
Shipping (7-10 days): $4.95
Tax: $0.00
Total: $14.94

Nima Boot

I love the way these boots look and they are actually incredibly comfortable as well. I took them to an industry conference in Vegas and wore them for two days straight and my feet were super happy even though I forgot to bring socks with me. Really their only drawback is that they are synthetic uppers. I really heart these boots times two.

JustFab Nima Boots Review

JustFab Nima Boots

Subtotal: $29.95
Discounts Applied: -$14.97
Shipping (7-10 days): $4.95
Tax: $0.00
Total: $19.93

Venezia Pump

I needed a pair of basic black pumps and these fit the bill. The heel is not too high and the are a nice suede like material. They aren’t incredibly comfortable but I don’t remember wanting to throw them out the window after wearing them either. I’d say a solid B on these because they do the job intended but I’m never going to sing their praises as the best shoe ever. Meh.

JustFab Venezia Pump Review

JustFab Venezia Pump

Gwynn Bootie

I was looking for a replacement for my older pair of black booties and came across these on JustFab. I like the heel height and the look of these. I’m not such a fan of the gold zipper – I wish it was another metallic or blended in a bit better but that may be just me. I also have to say these are not comfortable at all. I actually feel like I’m leaning forward when wearing these booties. The are synthetic uppers that are made to be suede-like. I’m giving these a C-.

JustFab Gwynn Bootie Review

JustFab Gwynn Bootie

JLAB Audio Earbuds

These earbuds were a bonus for ordering one month. This is when it pays to watch the offers coming through the emails! I didn’t pay a dime for these and they seem to be pretty decent quality. I’ll just call these a literal bonus!

JustFab JLAB Audio Earbuds Review

JustFab JLAB Audio Earbuds

Subtotal: $79.90
Credits: -$79.90
Shipping (7-10 days): Free
Tax: $0.00
Total: $0.00

Richelle Flat

OMG. I literally LOVE these flats! I have two pairs of Tieks which are supposed to be top of the line, super duper comfortable, best of the best, and I actually love wearing these shoes as much as the Tieks. I never had an issue with having to break them in and they are so freaking cute. I get compliments on these every time I wear them. These Richelles get an A+++ from me.

JustFab Richelle Flat Review

JustFab Richelle Flat

Skender Satchel

This is such a pretty and stylish bag. It’s probably a little bigger than I needed – I can fit my Mac in there if I turn it sideways – but I love the two tone styling. I get tons of compliments on this baby too and it has just been a great cold weather bag. I’ll switch it out come spring because it looks too hefty for year round but this was a great choice and just what I needed in the fall.

JustFab Skender Satchel Review

JustFab Skender Satchel

Tassel Infinity Scarf

This was a throw in item but it turned out to be super cozy, usable item. Since your monthly credit is $39.95, when you go to apply your credits on your purchase, you have to spend the entire amount. So if you are short by a few dollars, you cannot spend your credit. You can either choose to save your credit for another month, or you can add another item to make up the difference. In my case, I was using multiple credits on this order so I needed to find a $5 item to make up the difference – in actuality I went over by $1.95. I selected the Tassel Infinity Scarf in taupe and I wear it regularly because it is a nice neutral taupe and goes with many of my cool weather coats. Thumbs up on this scarf!

JustFab Tassel Infinity Scarf Review

JustFab Tassel Infinity Scarf

Cozy Zip Sweater

Do you guys shop Betabrand at all? If not, you need to go check out their Dress Yoga Pants. They are ah-maze-ing. Anyway, so Betabrand has this Black Sheep Wrap Sweater which I have been a bit obsessed with but refused to spend between $84-$120 for. I came across this little baby at JustFab and squealed a little bit because it is super similar without the crazy price tag. This is a crazy cozy sweater. It is a little shapeless for me to wear out. Let’s be real, I’ve made several Target runs in it anyway. This is now my number one, go-to, cozy in front the fire with a good book sweater. Hearts and flowers here. Love, love, love.

JustFab Cozy Zip Sweater Review

JustFab Cozy Zip Sweater

JustFab Cozy Zip Sweater

JustFab Cozy Zip Sweater – Image Source:

Subtotal: $121.80
Credits: -$119.85
Shipping (7-10 days): Free
Tax: $0.00
Total: $1.95

Long Puffer Coat

Soo, you know how they put items a the checkout of the grocery store hoping you will buy them on impulse? I totally did that with this coat. Did I need a new coat? Um, yes? Well no, but it’s so practical in Colorado, right? I’m actually really happy that I bought this. It keeps my butt warm on cold days and its not so puffy that I feel like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Faux fur and a belt add to the stylishness. Love it. Good impulse buy. Sometimes we have to get those right, right?

JustFab Long Puffer Coat Review

JustFab Long Puffer Coat Image Source: JustFab

Subtotal: $64.95
Credits: -$39.95
Shipping (7-10 days): Free
Tax: $0.00
Total: $25.00

Violetta Bootie

These are the newest additions to my JustFab haul and I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet. Maybe tomorrow? So I can’t give any comments on the fit or comfort of these but I wanted to add a splash of color. Ok so here is the rub. After a while of JustFab, you start looking at the all the items and say to yourself, “Oh those are so cute, but how many pairs of black/taupe/brown booties/boots/shoes do I actually need to own?” So I clearly needed a maroon pair of booties. Let’s just go with that for now because I do think they are super cute even if I haven’t find an outfit to wear them with as of yet…

JustFab Violetta Bootie Review

JustFab Violetta Bootie

Steel Statement Crossbody Bag

I bought this partially because I didn’t need any more winter shoes and partially because I was headed to Vegas for an industry conference and thought it would be cute to take dancing at night. Unfortunately, it was a little too big for an evening purse so I left it at home this time. I really like this bag. It is a nice gold metallic without being too tacky shiny. The chain that makes up the strap is super heavy weight which gives it an aura of quality. I did get thumbs up from my pre-teen son on this purse – so take from that what you will but overall I will give this crossbody bag positive reviews.

JustFab Steel Statement Crossbody Bag Review

JustFab Steel Statement Crossbody Bag

Subtotal: $74.90
Discounts Applied: -$30.00
Credits: -$39.95
Shipping (7-10 days): Free
Tax: $0.00
Total: $4.95

Overall I have enjoyed my JustFab VIP membership. I like the fact that I can select my items and it feels like I get to select a present for myself each month and not break the bank. On the downside, you have to be alright with the fact that you aren’t getting super high quality leather products, but for the price tag, you will get to enjoy a larger number of items at a more affordable price point.

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