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Pura Vida Bracelets – Features & Overview
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Pura Vida  (“pure life”) Bracelets offers a monthly subscription allowing members to receive 3 (yep, THREE) handmade Pura Vida bracelets made by local artisans living in Costa Rica. Bracelets are chosen by the Pura Vida team of stylists from their collection of best-selling favorites and contemporary new designs. These bracelets are easily adjustable, durable, unique. The combinations and options are endless.

There’s something about Pura Vida bracelets that just make you feel good about where you are and what lies ahead. And, it doesn’t hurt that your style meter is on fire while feeling so good.

It doesn't hurt that your style meter is on fire while feeling so good. Click To Tweet

Honorable Mentions:

Where to begin? A journey of two guys from San Diego vacationing in Costa Rica that became an empire giving back to so so so many worthy organizations. All the while continuing with the original intention of providing sustainable full-time jobs to local Costa Rican artisans.


$14.95 a month for 3 bracelets


Free Standard shipping for members in the monthly club.

Box Type:

Handmade Artisan Bracelets

Cancellation/Return Policy

1-year replacement guarantee for bracelets that break.

Cancel anytime.

How to Order:

Signup to get Pura Vida Bracelets here.

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