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Project Juice - Features & Overview
Website & Order Process
Packaging & Presentation
The Goods & Value
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Project Juice is a weekly (repeating louder, WEEKLY) juice subscription membership. You choose if you’d like cold-pressed organic juices or wellness shots; OR BOTH. A minimum of 6 juices per week must be ordered to qualify for the membership perks and exclusives. Those exclusives include discounts up to 25% off!!!! Juicaay!

Honorable Mentions:

I love this concept. L-O-V-E. Ask me about juice cleanses, go on…anything? Ok that may be a lofty aspiration at this point, but I definitely just learned a hell of allota information in 30 minutes simply by perusing their site. I’ve aspired to be a juicer, unfortunately, I’m more intimidated than aspired. Problem Solved, Thanks Project Juice memberships.


Varies depending on chosen products and quantity.


Free overnight shipping Nationwide.

Box Type:

Designed Juice Cleanse Packs

Custom Packs (minimum of 6 juices).

Cancellation/Refund Policy:

Cancel Anytime. Pause Anytime. Modify Anytime.

How to Order:

Signup for Project Juice here.

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