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The BarkBox June 2017 theme immerses us into a prehistoric World with Chewrassic Bark. Will BarkBox ever run out of adorable ideas? It appears, no!

As always it’s full of absolutely irresistible items that all pups are sure to love.

In my house Ruby takes her newest toys to the back yard to bury guaranteeing all toys remain hers, and only hers. Unfortunately, she’s so old she forgets where she buries them, and they end up destined for fossilization, only to be discovered with their prehistoric friends someday.

How appropriate for June’s BarkBox theme – Chewrassic Bark.

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Plato Pet Treats Thinkers Duck Recipe. This treat looked to me like a slim jim. You know the stick of meat. It was gone as soon as I had it out of its package. WINNER WINNER, DUCK DINNER!

Unfortunately, as a result, I wasn’t able to snap a photo of the actual packaged stick of duck. However, here’s a photo of one happy Ruby after devouring her treat. She then proceeded to lick the wrapper for about 12 hours following the consumption of the stick.

However, here’s a photo of one happy Ruby after devouring her treat. She then proceeded to lick the wrapper for about 12 hours following the consumption of the stick.

Bark Box June 2017 Review

Plato Duck Stick Treat


The next item included was a bag of mini chicken Jerky strips – Dinosaur Meat, Basically.

Bark Box June 2017 Review

Dinosaur Meat, Basically

Ruby couldn’t get enough so I conclude this passed the dog tasted approved criteria.  I’ll have to take the word of the bag which states it “probably tastes like T-Rex”.

Simple Trainers are infused with cranberries are the third and final snack, which if I were a dog would have been my favorite. Love Cranberries!

Bark Box June 2017 Review

Simple Trainers – Infused with Cranberries

Let’s get to the Toys!!!! We love toys.

Gordon The Giant Sloth.

Bark Box June 2017 Review

Gordon the Giant Sloth

This toy is soft and squishy. Gordon squeaks, loudly. This toy is perfect for The Rubsters to just carry around in her mouth with very little effort or strain on her jaw.

And bonus points because it works perfectly as a pillow for when she tires…which is more frequent these days.

The next toy and my personal favorite, Herbert the Herbivore.

Bark Box June 2017 Review

Herbert the Herbivore

Herbert is a hilarious vegetarian who certainly will be able to withstand the mightiest of doggy jaws.

A very sturdy rope makes up the tail and neck and connects to his head. This gives the illusion of his neck elongating and retreating.

Ha Ha Ha…this little dinosaur cracks me up so much.

Ruby loves Herbert’s very firm, bumpy textured body. Must be all those herbs!  It’s actually a Ball inside there.

Herbert squeaks too, but it’s a much more diminutive manner in comparison to Gordon. I like this about Herbert.

BarkBox June 2017 Review Conclusion

BarkBox is the perfect subscription box for the rascally dogs in your lives. It truly brings a smile to my face to see Ruby’s jubilation at the site of the Bark Box.

And with her being an older dog who battles to feel as good as she used to, I love that they are healthy options to keep her feeling her best.

How to Order BarkBox:

Click here to sign up for BarkBox for your furry best friend!

What did you think about the June BarkBox?

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