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I’m not a huge spoiler alert fan. In fact, I’m possibly one of the few people who avoids instant gratification.

But I’m a bigger sucker for carrots dangling in front of me.

If you don’t want to know…turn back now! FabFitFun Summer Spoiler 1 right ahead!

All Photos I’ve used I’ve borrowed from

Ruana from Micheal Stars. A Ru’wha, you ask? Well it’s a sort of cover(slash)poncho accessory that can be worn a few different ways. Ruana’s are

FabFitFun Summer 2017 Spoiler Ruana

FabFitFun Summer 2017 Spoiler Ruana. Image Source:

historically a thicker fabric with a more Latin vibe.

However, not so when Michael Stars designs them, which is fantastic news for me!

My visions of ruanas can be found within two images captured in my brain – First is of Brad Pitt in some weird desert movie (honestly that’s the extent of the image), and second – my friend barfing all over the bar, street, aaand hotel lobby in Puerto Vallarta over 20 years ago. Gotta love the 18 and over drinking age!

The Ruana featured in the summer FabFitFun box to me seems much more akin to a sarong or shawl (are shawls still a thing?). It’s soft and flowy, and light.

FabFitFun Summer Spoiler 2017 Ruana

FabFitFun Summer Spoiler 2017 Ruana Image Source:

And I want the Black and White one!!! pleeeeeese pleeeeeese pleeeese.

I want this for all the styling options which ironically none of which include how a typical Ruana was designed to be worn.

FabFitFun Summer Spoiler 2017 Michael Stars Ruana

FabFitFun Summer Spoiler 2017 Michael Stars Ruana Image Source:


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