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Happy May 1st Subscription Box Society. It’s a new month and with that comes the opportunity to set new intentions, dream new dreams, and refresh with a new focus. And let’s not forget – discover new subscriptions.

In honor of May 2017, the month in which we celebrate Mother’s Day, I’ve written 3 subscription box inspired limericks, in celebration of all the moms who get by with a little help from the Society.

Happy Mother’s Day to you all!


Ode to Box of Style

Best Subscription Boxes Mother's Day - Box of Style

Best Subscription Boxes Mother’s Day – Box of Style

Ode to Box of Style

To all the moms who’ve spent nights cleaning up barf that was projectile;

and who can’t find the bottom of all that crap thrown in a pile.

For the moms with the kids who’ve dyed the grout green on your tile;

and the mothers who are burdened with concern “what’s really behind that smile”.

For those of us whose dreams of vacations on a tropical isle,

are now dreams where we must rescue our kid from a crocodile.

And those of us who god dammit can no longer run a mile,

there’s no doubt in my mind it’s best accepted with denial.

Yet as moms, we continue to persist knowing it’s all worthwhile,

But it sure is easier, when you’re expecting your Zoe | Box of Style.

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Ode to FabFitFun

Best Subscription Boxes Mother's Day - FabFitFun

Best Subscription Boxes Mother’s Day – FabFitFun

Ode to FabFitFun

For those ladies no longer living life sipping rum in the sun;

and now are life’s lunatics willing to protect their babies with a gun.

To those who once partied late into the night, and in mornings would sleep like a bum;

and are now late nights are spent getting the kid’s homework all done.

For the moms of the kids who we’ve asked to clean-up;

it’s now day 481, no surprise – it’s still not done.

For the reasons we’ve run out of why your baseball team hasn’t won;

we now understand the chosen life of a nun.

I’d certainly never recommend one trade lives with a nun;

but I am willing to bet, they get boxes from FabFitFun.

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Ode to Wantable

Best Subscription Boxes Mother's Day - Wantable

Best Subscription Boxes Mother’s Day – Wantable

Ode to Wantable

In honor of the women who before kids never questioned, “I sure hope this is washable”;

and to those who ignore odors of stank feet in our homes, entirely probable.

And to the moms who believed “because I said so” was avoidable;

And the moms who discovered for a flushed cat, we’re responsible.

I applaud us all who maintain the belief that our kids are remarkable;

Wait, did you just hear a knock at the door,

Shit, I’ve gotta run – it could be from Wantable.

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