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Dollar Shave Club is a monthly subscription service that will cater to all your shaving needs – for both men and women!!! And we’re not just talking razors here,  DSC  (dollar shave club) offers a full array of products available for add to your monthly razor deliveries. Guaranteed to delight all your pampering needs. Three simple and easy plans are sure to satisfy a variety of pampering fancies. You receive a reusable razor handle with your first order and new blades shipped each month.

Honorable Mentions:

Mike Dubin one of the founders of Dollar Shave Club published a video in 2011 that came out of nowhere. It prompted 12,000 new orders in TWO days. Why?…click the link below and find out for yourselves.

Seriously it’s THAT funny. No matter who you are – He’s the guy you wish you knew, or the guy you wish you were. I heart Mike Dubin!


The Humble Twin Plan – $1.00 a month ($2 S&H fee)

The 4X Plan – $6.00 per month

The Executive Plan – $9.00 per month


Free for The 4X and The Exec

$2.00 per month for the Humble Twin plan

Box Type:

Shaving plus grooming essentials

Referral Program?

But of course – $5.00 DSC credit for your referral

Cancellation/Return Policy

Cancel anytime without hassle Dollar Shave Club

See the hilarious Video and/or Signup right here:

Signup for Dollar Shave Club here.

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