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POPSUGAR Must Have Review
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POPSUGAR Must Have. This box is iconic in the subscription box industry, the one, the only “must have”. The website touts that they are “Voted #1 Women’s Box” by another review site so I’ve been deliberating with myself on whether or not to give it a try. On the go side, the POPSUGAR Must Have box has full size products from fashion, beauty, home, and food brands – you know how much we like the boxes with full size products at Subscription Box Society. On the no go side, I’m a bit wary about the contents of the past boxes that I see on the POPSUGAR Must Have site.

Honorable Mentions:

POPSUGAR offers a Must Have It service to shop their editor’s latest obsessions on your mobile phone via text each week. You simply reply “yes” to the text they send you to purchase it and they send it to you. No fuss. No muss.

POPSUGAR also offers Limited Edition boxes that are filled with the luxe, exclusive products, and special collaborations. They’re only available during select times throughout the year, and the reveals look a bit more interesting to me then the standard box but they are significantly pricier.


Must Have:

$39.95/month + Free Shipping, Autorenews monthly

$109.85 + Free Shipping with a three-month prepaid subscription, Autorenews monthly after the 3rd month

Limited Edition Must Have:

$100/box – limited quantities available

Add Ons?

Monthly Add-Ons sent via email if available and updates must be made by the 30th of the previous month. You will be billed for any Add-Ons on the first of the month.


Free Standard shipping for members

Box Type:

Fashion, Beauty, Home, and Food brands

Referral Program?

Yes. Refer 3 friends and get a free Must Have box.  Refer 4 or more friends and get $10 off each following Must Have box.

Cancellation/Return Policy

Subscriptions for more than one month (e.g., 3- or 6-month subscriptions) cannot be canceled during the subscription period. Month-to-month subscriptions can be canceled during the subscription period, but only after receipt of the first month’s box. All Must Have purchases are final sale and nonrefundable. We do not currently accept returns of POPSUGAR Must Have boxes, and any box returned by a customer will not be eligible for a refund.

How to Order:

Signup for POPSUGAR Must Have here.

What do you think of the latest POPSUGAR Must Have?

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